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To learn how to improve performance, teamwork and other values though activities, games and common experiences. This could be a first approach to Team Building.


Nevertheless, it is something more. Above all, it is a learning activity through which we can observe the interaction between our team members, aiming to find their weak points and their strengths, so we can then strengthen their weak points and optimize their strengths. In essence, we’ll transform the work group into a highly efficient team.   


These seemingly simple activities will produce very significant data given the correct processing of the information obtained. This so to such an extent, that it has currently become one of the main approaches to problem solving or work group improvement, as well as to boost loyalty and motivation.


The team interacts, works toward a common goal, they communicate, support each other… the routine relations are thus transformed, breaking all communication barriers that may be present in the work environment, forming then stronger, more lasting relations that would be otherwise very difficult to attain in the average work day.
1. Welcome
2. Introductions
3. Exercising by teams "understanding teamwork"
4. Conclusions about teamwork
5. "Rally 1" Dynamics
5.1 Analysis of Team Dynamics
5.2 Group conclusions about Dynamics
6. Beliefs and Team Identity
8. Participating in meetings
9. "Rally 2" Dynamics
10. Meal and Reading about Internal  and External Customers
11. Most valuable team members
12. Knowledge
13. Trust
14. Models of conduct
15. Decision
16. Optimism
17. Developing my Interpersonal skills
18. "Optimizing my state of mind" Dynamics
18.1 Opportunities in optimizing my state of mind.
19. "Optimizing my coordination, Rally 3" Dynamics.
19.1 Results
20. Summarizing some of my contributions and learning
21. Closing
The results obtained in this relaxed, entertaining manner through group activities, are then translated and applied to their work, improving not only the work environment, but also improving the team’s motivation and performance.
- Helps identify obstacles for the team’s integration and development.
- Helps to solve team conflicts.
- Improves work relations and environment.
- Boosts motivation.
- Improves the team members’ communications.
- Significantly improves performance.
- Improves group unity.
- Optimizes teamwork.
- Clarifies ideas and goals.
- Detects the teamwork’s weak points.
- Lowers tension in the team.
Manager and Director levels.

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