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Decision making is a process through which a person must choose between two or more alternatives. Each and every one of us spends the days and hours of our life having to make decisions. Some decisions are of relative importance in the outcome of our lives, while others just gravitate in it.  The process of decision making is no doubt one of our biggest responsibilities.
Decision making in an organization is confined to a number of people working on the same project. We must begin by selecting our decisions, and this selection is a task of great transcendence.
It is said frequently that decisions are something like the motor for business, and indeed, the success of any organization depends on their correct choice of alternatives.
1. Introduction.
2. Scope of decision making.
3. Rationality
3.1 Rational process in decision making:
- To determine the need for a decision.
- To identify the criteria for a decision.
- Assess the importance of the criteria.
- Develop all alternatives.
- Evaluate all alternatives.
- Select the best alternative.
4. The creative process.
5. Obstacles in making effective decisions.
6. Personal traits for decision making.
7. Importance of decision making.
8. Decision making and putting it into practice.
9. Decision making under certainty, uncertainty and risk.
10. Importance of group decision making.
At the end of this program the participants may go through the steps in the decision making process.
Directors, Managers, Department heads, Supervisors, employees in general, and all personnel interested in successfully achieving missions and objectives.

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